Olenka's #iStartFirst Bootcamp completely transformed my business and the way that I approach and tackle goals.  The last two years have been tough, especially since my business scaled nationally, and often times I found myself overwhelmed and scrambling to accomplish tasks as they flew at me.  But #iStartFirst Bootcamp taught me how to develop a structured workflow strategy that allows me to set, track, and meet annual, monthly, weekly, and daily goals, which ultimately has not only increased my ROI, but removed a lot of stress from my life.  One of the things I love most about #iStartFirst Bootcamp is the weekly calls which kept me accountable and connected me with other female entrepreneurs and mini challenges that forced me to take a deeper look at other issues in my life and how to address them.  I highly recommend enrolling in Olenka's #iStartFirst Bootcamp because the investment is so worth it, whether you're looking to grow your business or start one.  I am financially, mentally, emotionally, and physically better because of it and I couldn't be happier or more grateful!

Jessie Whitfield, Chief MISGIF Maker & Creative Director at MISGIF

Voted AZ Foothills Magazine's 2019 "Best Photo Booth"
Named AZ Foothills Magazine's 2018 
"Fav Photo Booth"

Olenka's expertise lay in her ability to simplify long-term, big picture plans into smaller, digestible steps to create a very clear roadmap to success. Her credibility, authenticity, and passion to help others is evident in all aspects of both her personality and work. I highly recommend working with Olenka, as her group and 1-on-1 coaching has allowed me to achieve more personal and professional goals faster than I ever could have by myself! 

KRISTINA SESCON, Founder, Momillennial 

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If you are ready to get pushed out of your comfort zone, and completely up-level, then Olenka Cullinan is the woman for you. 

I met Olenka when she was the guest on a women's entrepreneur podcast I used to co-host. Although that show is no longer around, I am convinced the entire reason that opportunity was put into my life was to meet Olenka. I quickly signed up for her iStartFirst Bootcamp and realized she was the EXACT tough love I needed. From there I attended her inaugural iStartFirst Bossbabes Summit and was BLOWN AWAY by the caliber of women in the room. That event led to introductions that one year later landed my swimwear line in the 2019 Swimwear issue of Sports Illustrated AND a celebrity collaboration project with Gretchen Rossi of The Real Housewives of Orange County. 

Coming into Olenka's sphere of influence changed EVERYTHING. I am so grateful for her wisdom, her no BS approach, and her genuine passion to see her clients and friends succeed. 

Amanda Freick 
Sports Illustrated 2019 Designer
Founder, Amanda Louise Swimwear

As humans we are in a constant transition. Some are perhaps more obvious than others. You have the big physical ones like changing jobs, starting your side hustle or moving across the country. And some are subtle and more reflective, like when you are ready to make a personal leap forward in how you will hold yourself accountable. Olenka helped me through my transition into management and balancing my side business. Olenka has pushed me to opportunities that helped me overcome my fear of public speaking. She is truly an inspiration and I love how raw and honest she is! I have connected with so many likeminded females through her bootcamp, summit and workshops. I am proud to be part of the #istartfirst community.

Nylmar Martinez, 
Engineering Manager 
Northrop Grumman

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The structure of the #iStartFirst Bootcamp inspired me to think about my why statement and how I can incorporate my passion into my professional and personal life. It also provided me the ability to tactically create and meet daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly goals so that I will be able to make my vision a reality. 

As a part of the program, you become a member of the Sparkle Tribe, which is an ecosystem of creative, motivated women who are looking to play at the next level. As a part of the 30-day journey, Olenka encouraged us to take leaps. Push through our comfort zone. To think differently. She also held each of us accountable, which is a wonderful motivator to stay focused on what’s really important and to continue to have small ‘wins’ and a sense of accomplishment throughout the journey. 

If you are wanting to take your career and life to the next level, take a leap and enroll in the impactful #iStartFirst Bootcamp. 

Sheila Stotler 
Senior Vice President, Product Manager 
Brinker Capital